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Tue Apr 15 06:06:12 EDT 2008

Author: neteler
Date: 2008-04-15 06:06:12 -0400 (Tue, 15 Apr 2008)
New Revision: 31001


Modified: grass-web/trunk/download/cdrom.inc
--- grass-web/trunk/download/cdrom.inc	2008-04-15 08:59:26 UTC (rev 31000)
+++ grass-web/trunk/download/cdrom.inc	2008-04-15 10:06:12 UTC (rev 31001)
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
-<li><a href="http://www.arc-team.com/archeos/index.html">ArcheOS</a>: The first GNU/Linux distribution for archaeology
+<li><a href="http://www.arc-team.com/archeos/index.html">ArcheOS</a>: The first GNU/Linux distribution for archaeology (<a href="http://www.arc-team.com/archeos/wiki/doku.php?id=screenshots">screenshots</a>)
 <li><a href="http://wgrass.media.osaka-cu.ac.jp/foss4g/">FOSS4G Toolkit CD</a> - includes FOSS4G tools such as GRASS-GIS, MapServer, GDAL, OSSIM, QGIS, PostGIS, Mapbuilder, Mapbender, Cartoweb, Appformap, kaMap, Worldkit, Plone, PrimaGIS, and many  other FOSS4G tools.
 <li><a href="http://ldap.telascience.org/foss4g/">FOSS4G2006</a>: Lausanne/Switzerland GRASS Workshop LiveCD 2006</li>
 <li><a href="http://gisak.vsb.cz/livecd/">GISAK</a> - Knoppix based GIS LiveCD</li>
@@ -32,8 +32,10 @@
     Kubuntu/The Open CD derivate with GRASS 6 and QGIS + data + tutorials (the DVD also contains
     GFOSS software for MS-Windows)
 <li><a href="http://livecd.ominiverdi.org/index.php?page=LiveCD&toc=livecd">Live CD Ominiverdi</a>: GRASS, QGIS, R, PostGIS... periodically updated</li>
+<!-- outdated:
 <li><a href="http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian.html">Quantian</a>: The Quantian Scientific
    Computing Environment (includes also openMosix to build a cluster on-the-fly)</li>
 <li><a href="http://poseidon.furg.br">Poseidon Linux</a>: It contains GRASS, GMT and QGIS
  (all packages maintained by DebianGIS) as well as SPRING GIS, Terraview, R, Octave,
   OpenDX, Lyx, Kile, Vis5D, etc.</li>

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