[GRASS-SVN] r29705 - grass-addons/r.rast4d

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Mon Jan 14 04:16:34 EST 2008

Author: neteler
Date: 2008-01-14 04:16:34 -0500 (Mon, 14 Jan 2008)
New Revision: 29705


Modified: grass-addons/r.rast4d/QuickStart.txt
--- grass-addons/r.rast4d/QuickStart.txt	2008-01-13 23:12:36 UTC (rev 29704)
+++ grass-addons/r.rast4d/QuickStart.txt	2008-01-14 09:16:34 UTC (rev 29705)
@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@
 and the will to read sql and bash code if an error occures :)
 Be sure you are in a GRASS location!
-Stay in the directoy containing the QuickStart file you are reading now,
+Stay in the directory containing the QuickStart file you are reading now,
 this is very important!
 The sqlite3 database will be created in the ./db/ directory.
 Use a graphical frontend to explore the database structure or read the 
-code in the sql directoy.
+code in the sql directory.
 * ./r.rast4d.init
 Start r.rast4d.init to create the database,

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