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Sun Jan 27 09:52:53 EST 2008

Author: neteler
Date: 2008-01-27 09:52:53 -0500 (Sun, 27 Jan 2008)
New Revision: 29860

title fix; mention OSGeo

Modified: grass/trunk/lib/grasslib.dox
--- grass/trunk/lib/grasslib.dox	2008-01-27 14:49:32 UTC (rev 29859)
+++ grass/trunk/lib/grasslib.dox	2008-01-27 14:52:53 UTC (rev 29860)
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-/*! \mainpage GRASS_Programmers_Manual GRASS 6 Programmer's Manual: GIS Library
+/*! \mainpage GRASS 6 Programmer's Manual
 <!-- * doxygenized from "GRASS 5 Programmer's Manual"
        by M. Neteler 2/2004
-     * updated 8/2005, 2006, 2007
+     * updated 8/2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
 <h2>GRASS 6 Programmer's Manual</h2>
@@ -17,19 +17,17 @@
 support libraries, system maintenance, and system enhancement are all 
 presented. Standard GRASS 4.x conventions are still used in much of the
 code. This work is part of ongoing research being performed by the 
-GRASS Development Team coordinated at 
-<a href="http://mpa.fbk.eu/">FBK-irst</A>(formerly ITC-irst), Trento, Italy, 
-an international team of programmers,
+GRASS Development Team, an international team of programmers,
 GRASS module authors are cited within their module's source code and the 
 contributed manual pages.
-&copy; 2000-2007 Markus Neteler / GRASS Development Team<br>
+&copy; 2000-2008 Markus Neteler / GRASS Development Team<br>
 Published under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
 This manual comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. The development of GRASS 
-software and this manual is kindly supported by Intevation GmbH, 
-Osnabr&uuml;ck, Germany, who provide the GRASS CVS repository.
+software and this manual is kindly supported by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation,
+who provides the GRASS main infrastructure.
 Main web site: <a href="http://grass.osgeo.org">http://grass.osgeo.org</a>

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