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Mon Feb 1 10:54:26 PST 2016

Author: wenzeslaus
Date: 2016-02-01 10:54:26 -0800 (Mon, 01 Feb 2016)
New Revision: 67711

r.li: highlight GUI and configuration file in manual

Modified: grass/trunk/raster/r.li/r.li.html
--- grass/trunk/raster/r.li/r.li.html	2016-01-31 03:54:13 UTC (rev 67710)
+++ grass/trunk/raster/r.li/r.li.html	2016-02-01 18:54:26 UTC (rev 67711)
@@ -25,6 +25,11 @@
 as well as measures that produce a distribution of values as output
 (e.g. frequency distribution of patch sizes in the sampling area). The
 results are stored as raster maps.
+All modules require configuration file which can be created by the
+<em>g.gui.rlisetup</em> module which is a GUI tool providing a convenient
+way to set all necessary parameters. This file can be used repetitively
+saving user from the need to specify all parameters over and over again.
@@ -111,10 +116,9 @@
 <h2>SEE ALSO</h2>
-<b>Core modules</b>:
+<b>GUI tools</b>:
-  <li> <a href="r.li.daemon.html">r.li.daemon</a>: job launch daemon (not visible to the user)</li>
-  <li> <a href="g.gui.rlisetup.html">g.gui.rlisetup</a>: Configuration editor for r.li.'index'</li>
+  <li> <a href="g.gui.rlisetup.html">g.gui.rlisetup</a>: Configuration editor for the <tt>r.li.*</tt> module where <tt>*</tt> is name of the index</li>
 <b>Patch indices</b>:
@@ -161,6 +165,10 @@
   <li> <a href="r.li.simpson.html">r.li.simpson</a>: Calculates Simpson diversity index on a raster map</li>
+<b>Core library</b>:
+  <li> <a href="r.li.daemon.html">r.li.daemon</a>: library with common functionality (not visible to the user)</li>

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