[GRASS-SVN] r68403 - grass/trunk/raster/r.in.lidar

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Sat May 7 19:54:36 PDT 2016

Author: wenzeslaus
Date: 2016-05-07 19:54:35 -0700 (Sat, 07 May 2016)
New Revision: 68403

r.in.lidar: file list generation to documenetation (author: Doug Newcomb, closes #3026)

Modified: grass/trunk/raster/r.in.lidar/r.in.lidar.html
--- grass/trunk/raster/r.in.lidar/r.in.lidar.html	2016-05-08 02:49:11 UTC (rev 68402)
+++ grass/trunk/raster/r.in.lidar/r.in.lidar.html	2016-05-08 02:54:35 UTC (rev 68403)
@@ -259,13 +259,45 @@
 <div class="code"><pre>
 g.region raster=elevation -p
-r.in.lidar input=points.las output=height_above_ground base_raster=elevation
+r.in.lidar input=points.las output=mean_height_above_ground base_raster=elevation method=mean
 In this type of computation, it might be advantageous to change the resolution
 to match the precision of the points rather than deriving it from the base raster.
 <!-- TODO: say how -->
+<h3>Multiple file input</h3>
+The file option requres a file that contains a list of file names with the full 
+path. For example, a list of files in the directory /home/user/data:
+<div class="code"><pre>
+would be lised in the file as:
+<div class="code"><pre>
+On Linux and OSX, this file can be automatically generated with the command:
+<div class="code"><pre>
+ls /home/user/data/*.laz > /home/user/data/filelist.txt
+On Windows:
+<div class="code"><pre>
+dir /b c:\users\user\data\*.laz > c:\users\user\data\filelist.txt
+The mean height above ground example above would then be:
+<div class="code"><pre>
+g.region raster=elevation -p
+r.in.lidar file=/home/user/data/filelist.txt output=mean_height_above_ground base_raster=elevation method=mean

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