GRASS-DBMS linkages

Marjorie Larson larson at
Wed Dec 18 17:12:23 EST 1991

RIM     a DBMS in public domain developed by Jim Fox at U of Washington
        -currently linked to GRASS with vector files and sites files
        -work done by CWU, link programs named "v.db.rim" and "s.db.rim"

Informix   work has been done, and is continuing, to link this with GRASS
           (by CAST at U of Arkansas)
           -same people are also doing work on an intermediate, SQL based
            link that could go from GRASS to any of a number of DBMS's

RAMS       work being done, coordinated through CERL

Postgres   work being done by UCB (U of California, Berkeley)

That's as much as I know.  Maybe someone else has more details or knows
of other work being done.

Marji Larson
Office of GRASS Integration

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