awk help

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Tue Aug 11 14:30:04 EDT 1992

Don't use awk to do this. Use pr:

	 pr -m -t -l1 -s' ' file1 file2

This will do what you want, except it adds one line at the end of its output
tht contains a single space. If you want to get rid of this last line
add a sed script to delete lines that have only a single space:

	 pr -m -t -l1 -s' ' x y | sed '/^ $/d'
|Could someone with with a greater knowledge of awk than  me  help
|me  out  with  a  short  script that will read two floating point
|numbers from two seperate files and write out a single file  with
|four values on each line ?

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