GRASS v4.0 Programmer's Manual

Kenneth R Brownfield brownfld at
Tue Aug 11 15:48:51 EDT 1992

An updated version of the Programmer's Manual is on the ftp site.  The
distributed format of the manual has changed slightly, so be sure to get the
README file that accompanies the manual in doc/4.0.progman on the moon.

The runaway indentation problem has been solved, and the manual has been split
into 25-page Postscript sections by popular demand.  Please send any comments,
problems, or suggestions to ftp-admin at .
                                           brownfld at
Kenneth R. Brownfield                     lists-owner at
Office of GRASS Integration,               ftp-admin at
United States Army Corps of Engineers           (217) 352-6511 x572
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory    (217) 373-7222 <fax

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