Invis. Rubber Band Box- fix.

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Fri Aug 21 17:05:37 EDT 1992

Hi Grass users:
    I remember someone asking about the nearly invisible 
rubber band box in commands like d.zoom. well I had the 
same problem and have a simple fix for it that works well
(at least on a DECstation 5000/200 running ULTRIX 4.2a)

In src/display/devices/XDRIVER/XDRIVER the two programs of
intrest are Get_w_box.c, and Get_w_line.c. The same change
is made in both programs. 

approx line #57 of Get_w_box.c change the line
   gcMask = GCFunction | GCPlaneMask | GCForeground | GCLineWidth;
   gcMask = GCFunction /*| GCPlaneMask */ | GCForeground | GCLineWidth;

Three lines down, comment out the line:
    gcValues.plane_mask = BlackPixel(dpy,scrn)^WhitePixel(dpy,scrn);
/*    gcValues.plane_mask = BlackPixel(dpy,scrn)^WhitePixel(dpy,scrn); */

Then make the exact same changes in Get_w_line.c and do a gmake4.0. This
should make the line visible.

Hope this helps someone !
Gerry Hatcher

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University of Rhode Island      |            cbeam::gerry {span}
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