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Donald Schrupp hqwris at lamar.ColoState.EDU
Tue Aug 25 17:07:17 EDT 1992

TO:		General Grass User Community
FROM:		Don Schrupp, Colorado Division of Wildlife
SUBJECT:	GRASS - Preferred Printers & Relative Costs
DATE:		August 25, 1992

	A general question to the greater Grass User
	Community; could a number of you suggest what
	printer devices you may be using with GRASS in
	an IPX platform environment, if there were
	pre-exiting device drivers, or if not if you
	developed your own (and if so, are they available);
	we've used Tektronix 4696's in the past, but are
	looking for something a little more upscale (and
	supported). Thanks in advance!

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