Michael Shapiro shapiro at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Mon Aug 31 10:47:58 EDT 1992

To compile GRASS code requires GRASS source, or at a minimum the
compiled Libraries and the include files. We make available only the source
not compilked libraries. You will ask whomever compiled grass for you and
ask them to compile v.what.
|Thank you for the generous contribution of v.what, it looks like it
|will give us exactly what we are looking for,  we received
|the cpio files and uncompressed them just fine; however;  we do not
|know what all we may need in regards to support files to compile the
|v.what.  The compilation process is looking for a "gis.h" and "digit.h"
|file.  Do I need to get these files from somewhere or do I have them
|and not know it?
|Currently we are running GRASS4.0 (SCS release) with no source code.
|The computer is an EVEREX 386 running AT&T UNIX  System V/386,
|Release 3.2.  The C compiler is AT&T version 4.1.6.  
|Thank you for your assistance!
|   Cynthia R. Brooks                 FAX       (612) 290-3375    
|   State GIS Specialist
|   St. Paul, Minnesota               email     attmail!mn600g!mngis!crb
|   Comm (612) 290-3645               internet  mngis!crb at mn600g.attmail.com


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