Tektronix 4693DX/SGI IRIS INDIGO

Abdel-Rahman%GWGrads%GWave at vines.ColoState.EDU Abdel-Rahman%GWGrads%GWave at vines.ColoState.EDU
Tue Dec 1 03:41:19 EST 1992


    We got new Tektronix 4693DX printer, i already printed out some RGB images 
using 'lp' from the SGI INDIGO. I'm running GRASS 4.0 and Xgrass, how can i 
print a map through GRASS or Xgrass, did the Tektonix 4693DX driver is 
available somewhere ,how can i install it, can anybody guide me, thanks..

Abdel-Rahman A.A.
GroundWater Program
Civil Engineering Dept.
Colorado State Univ.
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