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In <9212181724.AA05041 at nps> peter%nps at (Peter N. Strong) writes:

>Is there anyone out there who has experience compiling grass on a Sun
>machine running Solaris 2.0?  I have heard rumors that Solaris 2.0 is

We have some Solaris 2.0 Machines here and the biggest problem with them
is keeping then up and running. One has rebooted 5 times in 2 days.

Grass4.1 does not run under Solaris2.0 (yes I know nobody out there has

>not very robust, and that it would be better to wait for 2.1 to come
>out.  It is my understanding that certain machines like the SparcLX and
>a multiple cpu Sparc10 require Solaris 2.0 or greater, so we will be

The Sparc10 need SunOS 4.1.2 or greater, (which is also called Solaris 1.0.1)

The SPARCstation LX (& CLASSIC) run Solaris 2.1 (not 2.0, thank goodness).

As soon as I get a copy of Solaris 2.1 I plan on taking it on, (I have
a death wish :)

>forced to come to grips with this problem soon.  Certainly there must
>be someone somewhere who has direct experience with these issues.

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