XDRIVER - xwd problem

Lars Schylberg larss at lmv.lm.se
Wed Feb 5 09:26:24 EST 1992

I have started to use Openwindows on my Sun sparc 1+ sometimes and
today when I was tried to dump the graphic window in Grass with "xwd"
it crashed the whole xview server.  Have anyone else exerienced these
problems with the xwd command in connection with the XDRIVER.

The only modification that I have maid to my XDRIVER is that I have
added that it reads the environment variables GRASS_HEIGTH and 
GRASS_WIDTH.  That is added in Graph_Set.C in the XDRIVER directory.

Hope someone have a solution or hint.

Lars Schylberg

National Land Survey of Sweden           Dept. of Photogrammetry
R&D Departmant                           Royal Inst. of Technology
S-80112 Gavle, Sweden                    10044 Stockholm, Sweden

larss at lmv.lm.se                          larss at fmi.kth.se

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