comp.infosystems.gis newsgroup passes

Rob Knauerhase rob at
Thu Feb 13 00:01:59 EST 1992

I just read the following message in the Usenet newsgroup that announces
new newsgroups.  This group (comp.infosystems.gis) will carry the exact
same traffic as the current GIS-L mailing list; if you have access to
Usenet, this is a much more efficient method of reading GIS-L than getting
it in your mailbox.  Additionally, the group will open up discussion in GIS-L
to many more scientists and computer people throughout the world.

    If your location does not get Usenet news, then this is less relevant,
except that traffic in GIS-L might pick up a bit.

Rob Knauerhase
rob at Construction Engineering Research Lab, Corps of Eng.
knauer at       UIUC Dept. of Computer Science, Gigabit Study Group

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Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.infosystems,,,sci.geo.geology,comp.databases
From: bonnett at seismo.CSS.GOV (H. David Bonnett)
Subject: RESULT:  comp.infosystems.gis passes 298:12

Voting for the group concluded at 23:59:59 GMT on Feb 10, 1992 with 
298 votes for and 12 votes against. By the guidelines of Usenet this 
group passes.

Group Charter:

    The new group will not be moderated.

    This newsgroup will be for discussion of the developing field in 
    information managment known as GIS (Geographic Information Systems). 
    This includes, but is not limited to:

    o   questions about specific GIS/LIS packages in the public and commercial
	domains (e.g., MOSS, GRASS, ARC/INFO, ERDAS, ER MAPPER, etc...)

    o   questions on data issues (e.g., availability, sources, types...)

    o   discussions about GIS analysis and display methodologies (e.g., image 
	processing, cartography, classification, etc.)

    o   discussions about users use of GIS for attaining research goals

    It is expected that discussions relating to both GIS and other
    newsgroups may be cross-posted. 

    The group will be gatewayed with the existing GIS-L Listserver and
    the extant bit.gis-l group will be removed upon creation of this 

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