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Rob Knauerhase rob at
Wed Jan 22 11:51:13 EST 1992

In an E-mail message, Margaret Greaney said:
>subscribe Margaret Greaney

(oops; I answered the previous letter before I saw this one)

Commands to the list such as subscribe, unsubscribe, who, ping, and so on
should be sent to grassp-request at ; this did not
subscribe you to the list since the list software distributed this letter
out to the list (no big deal; several people have made that mistake).

So the current situation is that you are on grassu-list but not grassp-list.
If you have trouble subscribing, let me know.

Rob Knauerhase
rob at Construction Engineering Research Lab, Corps of Eng.
knauer at       UIUC Dept. of Computer Science, Gigabit Study Group

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