using the '' in 4.0

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Wed Jan 29 10:51:18 EST 1992

| I was kinda asking how to get '' started from within a
| program. In the past I have used a module in grass called 'gorun'. That
| is still around but doesn't seem to have the scope it used too. It
| doesn't find script is the major problem. Is there a preferred way to
| execute a script file?

There is no "gorun" in any of the GRASS libraries. It may have been a
subroutine in one of the programs. In any case you have a number of
choices, eg.:


The first is the standard Unix system() call, the sdecond is  the GRASS
version of it (in the gis library $(GISLIB)) which allows the
"" command to be interrupted without killing the program
which executes the G_system() routine.

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