rotating a vector grid

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Wed Jun 3 17:36:33 EDT 1992

I pick (1): write v.rotate.
|My current GRASS project requires a vector grid as input (v.mkgrid).
|After doing some further reading, it seems that potential users may
|want a rotated grid. It also seems like v.transform may be able to do
|this (with a little more work on the users part). 
|Should I:
|1. code a v.rotate command (which would only require a vector map,
|   an origin, and an angle as input),
|2. add an angle option to v.mkgrid & rotate about (coordinate=x,y)
|   [Easy for user], or
|3. require the user to do a little more work and use v.transform
|   [Easy for programmer :-)]?
|Final note: as a check, I need to make sure that the vector grid
|input to my program actually defines a rectangular (possibly
|rotated) grid---output from v.transform with unacceptable RMS
|could potentially throw a monkey wrench into things. Comments?


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