error during make of xgen code on Ultrix platform

Joe Vaughan jkv at
Wed Jun 10 16:52:43 EDT 1992

I recently set out to build the xgen parts within GRASS's src.related/xgen area.
All proceeded smoothly until the make tried to compile Table.c, at which point
it generated the following messages.

cc -O -Wf,-XNh2000 -Olimit 2000 -I/usr/include/Xm -I/usr/include      -DXAW_BC -D_NO_PRO
TO -DPRE_MOTIF_1_1 -c Table.c
ccom: Error: Table.c, line 164: syntax error
      static XmGetValueResource get_resources[] =
ccom: Error: Table.c, line 172: syntax error
                ((Cardinal) (((char *) (&(((XmTableWidget)0)-> table.marginWidth))) - ((
char *) 0))),
ccom: Error: Table.c, line 174: redeclaration of _XmFromHorizontalPixels
(ccom): Table.c, line 174: cannot recover from earlier errors: goodbye!
*** Error code 1


Can anyone tell me 1) Has this code dating from before December '91 become
obsolete, or has an error been corrected in xgen since that time?

2) Do I need to actually be running GRASS ( i.e. have the shell variables
defined when running GRASS available ) to complete the make operation?

3) Does this look like a system specific bug cropping up?

Any help is appreciated!

Joe Vaughan

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