function plotting with GRASS!

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Sat Jun 13 08:16:32 EDT 1992

I have written a GRASS driver for GNUPLOT, partially out of
dissatisfaction of d.3d and partially in preparation for some
geostatistical modeling features that GRASS will have in the 
future.  Instead of plotting to a LaTeX file, or PostScript file,
or X11 window, it uses GRASS DISPLAYLIB & RASTERLIB to
write to the GRASS monitor.

What would be the best way to make this available to the GRASS
 1. get rid of the extra baggage and make a standalone
    program (g.gnuplot), or
 2. try to work the GRASS driver into GNUPLOT and
    point users to another package?

If (1), user's without net access (who get GRASS from vendors) would
not have problems (I guess it could be put in src.related though).
Also, it could be customized a little (like a function to plot a
raster map as a surface, perhaps suspended above a contours - see*ppm.Z :-)

(2) is difficult because of several conflicts between variable
and function names, but nothing that two large ifdef/endifs wouldn't fix
(if the GNUPLOT maintainers wouldn't mind).

If size is an issue, we're talking about ~21000 lines...

Darrell McCauley                Department of Ag Engr, Purdue Univ
mccauley at         West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-1146

P.S. For those who don't know, GNUPLOT is an interactive scientific
plotting package which has over 40 different graphics drivers and
runs on UNIX boxes, DEC's (under vms & ultrix), PC's, Amigas, etc.
It can be found on

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