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Chris Skelly chris at mqatmos.cic.mq.edu.au.cic.mq.edu.au
Tue Jun 23 22:35:30 EDT 1992

Hi All,

Every now and then the subject of printing comes up.

I was wondering if anyone is collecting the questions adn
answers?  Just to add to the questions (which may have
already been touched upon some months ago...):

1. Here at Macquarie we are not too badly set up in the graphics
   department, we run NCAR graphics and GF (both from the Nat.
   Centre for Atmospheric research).  These programs were designed
   for general circulation model ouput (basically black and white
   until the latest version), so we can and do all sorts of 1,2,3-D
   graphics...all of it very successfully on a black and white 
   Apple Lazer writer.  And virtually all printing is done through
   our networked Sun stations.

   My question is:  how can I make use of what is a very easy to
   use system where your software (any programs you write or GF)
   creates and encapsulated postscrit file and then you just send
   it down the line to print?

   The function d.savescreen (only available on MASSCOMP?) woulds
   seem to be ideal...is anyone working on this or something 
   similar that would capture graphs, lines, text, raster and
   create a colour and/or black and white postscript file?

o.k. so I only had one long winded question...more later :-)

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