GRASS 4.0 and directory location/protection

Richard Wagener wagener at
Thu Mar 5 15:36:32 EST 1992

> John Miller wrote:
> I have a question regarding setting up GRASS for use by multiple users
> for all you experienced system managers.
...stuff deleted...
> To continue, for various reasons our spearfish database is in a 
> different file system partition to our user's directories.  When a 
> user creates a mapset using the spearfish database I would like the
> subdirectories associated with their mapset to be created under their
> own directory  where they are subject to disk quota limits etc.
> Can this be done?

This is how I set it up here.  I created a local grass database
directory, say /grass.  In that I created world writable
subdirectories 'spearfish' and 'global'.  And in each of these
subdirectories I created symbolic links to the remote file-servers
GRASS database e.g.: 
ln -s /remote/grass/spearfish/PERMANENT /grass/spearfish/PERMANENT 

This remote filesystem can then be read-only.  Also individual users
can use this setup in their own quota limited area without needing
system privileges.

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