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Mon Mar 9 10:50:19 EST 1992

A question (hopefully an easy and stupid one),

Our Tek 4696 color printer seems to have died. Although we are mourning its
passing, we realize that we cannot dwell upon this death, and that our lives
must continue, as I'm sure our printer would want us to. The funeral 
directors have informed us that a replacement model has been born, called
(amazingly enough) the 4697, which we are considering as a new member to 
our loving, but mournful, family.

My question is this: I know that the 4696 printer worked fine with the GRASS
4695 driver, and I'm assuming that the 4697 will do this as well, but I'm
asking the people in GRASSland if this is a reality, before making the
commitment to a new mouth to feed.

Thanks for the consideration, send flowers, condolences, and replys to:

		jimg at

Jim Gasprich

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