Too many cells open (ERROR)

Raghavan Srinivasan srin at
Sat Mar 14 14:36:49 EST 1992

>GRASS 4.0 allows up to 60  cell  files  open.  But  if  you  call
>G_close_cell()  that  really  does close a cell file and its file
>descriptor.  Perhaps in other parts  of  your  program  you  have
>forgotten  close  other  (non-raster)  files.  This could make it
>impossible for GRASS to open cell files.

I carefully checked my programs and none of the non-raster files
are open. Whatever fiels (e.g G_tempfile) are all closed (fclose() and
I try to trace why this error happens, and found each time I open and
close a rater map the file descriptor or id increases.
Since I am opening and closing only two raster maps frequently
I could open them at the start of the program and close them before
the program quits. But, I am setting different region which will
cause trouble in reading the data from raster maps.
Any other suggestions. I saw MAXFILES defined as 20 and 30 in
G.h for GRASS3.1 and GRASS4.0 version respectively.
>What problems are you having with colors?

Will post seperately.



srin at

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