Too many cells open (ERROR)

Raghavan Srinivasan srin at
Tue Mar 17 15:14:56 EST 1992

>It soundsa as if your men/submenu is the culprit. I have looked over
>the code for G_open_cell_new() and G_close_cell() as well as Dcell()
>and they responsibly close all the files they had opened. I suspect
>that you are generating new copies of stdin, stdout, stderr, especially
>since the file descriptor numbers increase by 3 (or else you
>are open 3 files and not closing them when you start the submenu).
>Michael Shapiro                        U.S. Army CERL                  
You are right. I was generating stdin and stdout each time I enter
a submenu. Thanks for the input and the program works fine.


srin at

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