GRASS for Cray

Duane F Marble dmarble at
Tue Mar 24 07:15:57 EST 1992

Jan Hartmann asks about compiling GRASS on a Cray. While this could
technically be done, I feel that it would not be very effective if
approached from the standpoint that a Cray is just another computer.

First, the Cray is a batch-oriented machine and doing graphics normally
involves post-processing (e.g., we have a YMP 8/64 and can pass output
from a model to a Stellar 2000 for visualization). Second, as a multi-
processor machine the algorithms used should be changed to match the
architecture. Third, the Cray compilers do not provide any significant
degree of optimization over the multiple processors -- this must be
done largely by hand. If it is not done, you are not obtaining the
maximum benefit from the special architecture.

Some relevant information is contained in:

Jay Sandhu and Duane Marble, 1988. "An Investigation into the Utility
  of the Cray X-MP Supercomputer for Handling Spatial Data," PROCEEDINGS,
  Third International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, pp. 253-268.

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