GRASS for RS6000

Bill Goran goran at
Tue Mar 24 19:10:34 EST 1992

thanks for your advice concerning GRASS on the RS6000 environment.
We do not have any RS6000 machines at CERL, and we are not supporting
any RS6000 users at Army installations, thus our experience is
limited.  However, we've seen a growing interest in running
GRASS on the RS6000 environment, and have wanted some experienced
for consultation and advice.

The IBM representative or point of contact for GRASS on the IBM
6000 platform is Courtney Sullivan, of 6705 Rockledge Drive,
Bethesda, MD, 20817, phone 301-564-2409.  She however obtained
her copy of GRASS for the RISC platform from the Young Minds
CD-ROM, and it is doubtful if the changes that you've
made have been included on this CD-ROM.  

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