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Greg Koerper koerper at research.CS.ORST.EDU
Wed Mar 25 22:36:41 EST 1992

Subject:  a tweak of g.mapsets

If you're like me and have numerous linked mapsets in your search path, the
interactive version of g.mapsets can be annoying.  I've placed a simple
modification on the incoming directory on moon:  shar.g.mapsets.  It
allows you to add or delete mapsets from the current search path by
prepending the list with a "+" or "-".  It also embeds numeric codes in the
current mapset search list which may help you avoid the table lookup task.

To unpack the shar file enter

	/bin/sh shar.g.mapsets

A small change to the man is included.  Bugs to koerper at
(or fix it yourself).  

By the way, the gotos are Michael's, not mine.

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