HP Paintjet Driver

Don Myrick afdonm at osiris.cso.uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 2 11:40:01 EST 1992

A driver for the HP Paintjet XL300 has been placed in the incoming directory
on the moon.  This driver is NOT complete, and is still in alpha
development, but we'd like to get some feedback on how to proceed with its

This driver features:
	1) 150 or 300 dpi resolution, 216 colors, and 8 1/2 x 11 / A4 or
11 x 17 / A3 media.

	2) Seperate drivers for each resolution (FAST for 150 dpi, and SLOW
for 300 dpi) and NULL drivers for printing to a file and then allowing
spooling to your regular print spooler (NULL1 for 300 dpi NULL2 for 150

Known problems (undocumented features) with this driver are:
	1) Cannot determine if page overfills (i.e. if the printed page is
too large for the media, the remainder of the job is lost.)

	2) Does not handle the text nicely.  (The driver uses the internal
Univers font in 8 points for 'frame' text.  Since this is expected to be a
non-proportional font, spacing is an issue.  The non-proportional font COULD
be selected, but we chose not to because of the amount of space the text
takes - especially on 8 1/2 x 11 / A4 media).

	3) The printer that this driver is being developed on currently has
only the stock 2 Mb of RAM, thereby limiting testing of 11 x 17  / A3 media.
We expect to upgrade this shortly, but we are also assuming that most of you
out there will only have the stock memory.  (If anyone is using more than 2
Mb, we'd like to know your results).

Updated drivers (and email denoting the update) will be posted when they
become relevant.  Any questions / comments concerning the Paintjet XL300
driver may be addressed either here, or the contacts below.

David L. Dennis
Kenneth D. Shepardson
(Don Myrick surrogates)

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