CG6 and SUNCORE Problems

Lawrence Houston houston at
Thu Nov 12 00:18:24 EST 1992

grassp:  We have been having some problems with our migration of GRASS 4.0
         from our old SUN 3/60 to our new SPARC/2.  We had started with
         SunOS 4.1.2 and required some assistance from Michael Shapiro in
         adding a "-Bstatic" switch to the Gmakefile for the compilation of
         the SUNCORE Driver.  Without the switch the Link-Editor complained
         about missing some symbols such as __core_bw2dd ... __core_cg1dd.
         We have since moved back to SunOS 4.1.1 on the SPARC and find
         "-Bstatic" is nolonger needed to allow for the compilation of
         GRASS's SUNCORE Driver.  In the process the executable has dropped
         from 827,392 bytes to 98,304 bytes!  Our local SUN Distrubutor
         addmits that SunOS 4.1.2 has some problems and suggests either
         SunOS 4.1.1 or a jump directly to the newer release of SunOS
         4.1.3.  Our move back to SunOS 4.1.1 on the SPARC also allowed
         for the compilation of both X11R5 and Motif without any
         modifications.  X11R5 was having similar problems, the
         Link-Editor was "missing" some symbols from its own libraries!
         Thought people should be warned of the possible complications
         of compiling GRASS 4.0 and X11R5 under SunOS 4.1.2 on a SPARC.

         With either of the above two cases which did compile on the SPARC/2,
         we are still having problems running GRASS's SUNCORE Driver with
         the CG6 Accelerated Video on our SPARC 2GX.  The modification I
         made to the "Graph_Set.c" was to change the "cg2dd" or "cg4dd"
         declarations to be "cg6dd".  Upon startup of the SUNCORE Driver
         there is a lengthly delay as several screens of:

           "HW cursor rop err 1"

         are displayed on the Frame Buffer before the driver finally gets
         started.  After which "d.mon erase" will clear the error messages
         and operation of GRASS's display routines can continue.  Was
         wondering if anyone else would know what is the cause of these
         error messages and what might be done to fix it?  Currently my
         modification to "Graph_Set.c" in $GIS/src/display/devices/SUNCORE
         appears as follows:

/* The following two lines for SPARC/2 machines */

int cg6dd() ;
struct vwsurf vwsurf_cg   = DEFAULT_VWSURF(cg6dd) ;

       Assistance would be greatly appreciated, as this appears to be the
       only hold out on our SUN3 to SPARC migration of GRASS 4.0 and
       X11R5/Motif 1.1.4/XGEN!

                                                   Larry .....
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