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Doug Brooks brooks at
Mon Nov 30 16:37:02 EST 1992

SPECIAL NOTE: I just realized that I've been sending out an old version 
	of this list for some time now.  Here is the updated version.  	
	My apologies to those of you that requested to be added but 
	weren't yet listed.  


                            GRASS DIRECTORY

This GRASS Directory is a partial list of GRASS people and their
email addresses.  It is provided as a service for you to quickly
look up email addresses of individuals who are in the "GRASS community".

This directory is mailed to this list on a monthly basis.  If you
wish to be added, deleted or have your information changed, please send
your request to:  brooks at or by phone at (217) 373-4433.

Doug Brooks

NAME                                   EMAIL ADDRESS
Aanstoos, Jim                          aanstoos%gizmo at
Research Triangle Institute

Alu, Matthew                           alu at
U.S. Army CERL

Ameskamp, Martin                       ma at
Univ. of Kiel, Germany

Barbehenn, Jacinda                     mountz at
Univ. of Illinois

Baker, Barry                           barry at

Bhikharidas, Ashvin                    ashvin at
Monash University, Australia

Bradshaw, Stuart                       lewis!bradshaw at
Ft. Lewis, WA

Brooks, Doug                           brooks at 
U.S. Army CERL

Buehler, Kurt                          kurt at
U.S. Army CERL

Camann, Michael                        camann at
Univ. of Georgia

Chohfi, Reinaldo E.                    IYT6REN at MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU
Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Copas, Conn                            C.V.Copas at
Loughborough University of Technology

Cox, Simon                             simon at
Monash University, Australia

Deer-Ascough, Lois Ann                 deer at
USDA Agricultural Research Service

de Vahl, Per                           pdv at
National Telecom Agency

Dudley, Graham                         gdudley at
Univ. of Waterloo

Escowitz, Ed                           ece at 
U.S. Geological Survey

Evenden, Jerry                         gie at 
U.S. Geological Survey

Farley, Jim                            jim at
Univ. of Arkansas

Frysinger, Steve                       spf at
AT&T Bell Laboratories

Fukuhara,  Paul H.                     a16pfukuhara at
USDA Soil Conservation Service

Gaddamanugu, Vishwa Prasad             ij27 at
University of North Texas

Galarraga-Sanchez, Remigio             remigio at
Univ. of Arizona

Gardels, Kenn                          gardels at 
Univ. of California at Berkeley

Gaur, Nalneesh                         ngaur at
Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman

Gerdes, Dave                           dpgerdes at 
U.S. Army CERL

Ghanem, Roger G.                       ghanem at
State University of New York at Buffalo

Goran, Bill                            goran at 
U.S. Army CERL

Gottheil, Jerry                        gottheil.SCB3Versatec at Xerox.COM 
Xerox Engineering Systems 

Greaney, Margaret                      margaret at
Argonne National Lab

Hargrove, Bill                         hnw at
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Harmon, Victoria                       ahvch%alaska.bitnet 
National Park Service

Hinthorne, Jim                         geol1 at cwu.bitnet
Central Washington Univ.

Johnsson, Katarina                     kjohnsso at 
Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC

Khanna, Gurcharan S.	               khanna at
Univ. of California, Berkeley

Killion, Mike                          killion at ukanvm.bitnet
Univ. of Kansas

Lay, Jinn-Guey                         jglay at
National Taiwan University

Limp, Fred                             fred at
Univ. of Arkansas

McCauley, Darrell                      mccauley at
Purdue University	

McPherron, Alan                        mcph at
Univ. of Pittsburgh

Madry, Scott                           madry at 
Rutgers Univ.

Majerus, Kim                           majerus at
Univ. of Illinois

Marsden, John                          jmarsden at
University of Liverpool

Martin, Mary                           martin at
U.S. Army CERL

Messersmith, Jean                      obrien at
Purdue Univ.
Meyer, Steffen                         sm646601 at Longs.LANCE.ColoState.EDU
Colorado State Univ.

Mitasova, Helena                       helena at
Illinois Natural History Survey

Munier, Bernd                          bernd at
Roskilde Univ. / Denmark

Musunur, Laxmi P.                      mlp at
Auburn University

Nelson, Tom                            grass@[]
U.S. Army COE, Ft. Worth, TX

O'Doherty, Erin                        USDA Forest Service

Parks, John                            john at
U.S. Geological Survey

Paulson, Merlyn                        merlyn at
Colorado State University

Phillips, Pamela                       pamela at
Univ. of Texas, Austin

Plesha, Joe                            jplesha at 
U.S. Geological Survey

Preston, Evan                          preston at
BATTELLE Defense & Space Systems

Rao, Madhu                             mrao at
Bridgewater State College

Records, Melissa                       records at
U.S. Army CERL

Ruiz, Marilyn                          ruiz at
University of Florida

Schmidt, Barb                          mbschmid at 

Schroeder, Martin                      l14 at
Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany

Schylberg, Lars                        larss at
Department of Photogrammetry, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Shapiro, Michael                       shapiro at 
U.S. Army CERL

Shirtliffe, Glenn                      gms at
BATTELLE Defense & Space Systems

Skelly, Chris			       chris at
Macquarie University

Srinivasan, Raghavan                   srin at
Texas A&M Univ.

Sydelko, Pam                           sydelko at 
Argonne Lab

Taylor, Jeff                           taylor at
Control Data Systems

Teeter, Larry                          teeter at
Auburn University                       

Tier, Garth                            garth.tier at
Centre for Arid Zone Research, Australia

Towne, Nancy                           tow,e at

Tweddale, Scott                        tweddale at 
Univ. of Illinois

van de Rijt, Carlo                     carlor at
Univ. of Nijmegen

Westervelt, Jim                        westerve at
U.S. Army CERL

Wood, Jo                               JWO at UK.AC.LEICESTER
Univ. of Leicester, UK

Yoo, Kyung H.                          khyoo at
Auburn Univ.

Zhuang, Hong                           zhuang at
U.S. Army CERL


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