Xgrass on SGI INDIGO

Abdel-Rahman%GWGrads%GWave at vines.ColoState.EDU Abdel-Rahman%GWGrads%GWave at vines.ColoState.EDU
Fri Oct 2 16:24:08 EDT 1992

Dear kurt;
Dear Grassu/p;

>1. recompile libgis.a 
>            (there are a *few* programs that use putenv, so you might
>             do this to find them: 
>                cd TOP-OF-GRASS-SRC
>                find . -name \*.c -print | xargs grep -l putenv
>             this will tell you all files that contain the call, you
>             can then go to that directory, make the change, and recompile
>             them with gmake4.0)
>2. recompile xgrass

Finally; i finished from compiling and running xgrass on SGI INDIGO, thanks
for the help of Kurt Buehler.  Is there any manual for xgrass inaddition to the helpand manual page at xgrass.There are a bug under the help menu under grass Topics(warning; Topics not found). I tried to trace it, i found that under the 
xgrass-menu file in (install/lib dir) there is no directions to a topic file.

Is xgrass file is the only excutable that i can run or there are others. The
reason i'm asking, because when i tried to run xclip i got an error message
(ERROR:GISRC-variable not set), als i tried to run some of the executabe
files in the (install/bin dir) but i got the same message. Is these executables
run internaly or my compilation is not completed. Also i found that alot not all
of the *.*.xclip files are being used under the xgrass menu (xgrass-menu), what
about the other commandes like ;d.3d or SG3d.

Can we add additional menues in the xgrass-menu file for new commands,or it 
needs more work to do?

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