Vector fixes for RS6000

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Tue Sep 1 13:59:24 EDT 1992


I just downloaded the grass fixes for v.digit and the entire grass source
code. It took me about 6 hours to build it on our IBM RS/6000 320H (32 MB RAM
64 MB swap space)  I was told that the fixes to the problems we have been
experiencing were done, and on the moon.  Unfortunately, the problems we 
have been  having still exist!  Some examples of problems we have been having 
are detailed below.
	Loading vector information.

   north:  247136.74,   south:  244512.10
   east: 2815605.90,   west: 2813538.99
   rows: 80,   cols: 63,   total:    5040.00

Size of tmpfile 5040
Step 1: Calculating Areas...           ERROR: G_malloc: out of memory
	The display function only works if you have not run
        If you run you get an out of memory error.
Does anyone have any vector program (v.*) working correctly on an RS/6000 
running AIX 3.2 (X11R4)?  If you do can I get a copy of your executables
and or source files?


-Lee Thomas

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