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Joyce Anne Nagle nagle at
Wed Sep 2 10:13:55 EDT 1992

  I am having problems with i.rectify.blk.  I select item 2 from the
menu and get the dotted line boxes in the dialog window and the boxes 
in the monitor.  Then I double click on the file I want to select the 
control points from and then BOOM! the monitor disappears and the 
dialog window falls apart and looks like this:

--------------------------- beginning of mess ------------------------
LOCATION: swoe-imagery          BLOCK: 3.5 SUB-BLK: 3.5          MAPSET: nagle

                                                                                     1.     Select another sub-block

                                      2.     Compute image-to-photo transformation

                                                                                         3.     Initialize exposure station parameters

                                                        4.     Compute ortho-rectification parametrs

                      5.     Ortho-rectify imagery files

                                                             RETURN   exit

---------------------------- end of mess ------------------------------------

The dialog window is then frozen and I have to kill the process and restart
another window to do anything.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

Joyce A. Nagle
U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)
Geophysical Sciences Branch          email:  nagle at
72 Lyme Road                         phone:  (603) 646-4161 / 4100
Hanover, NH  03755-1290              fax:    (603) 646-4278

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