v.support, v.digit & v.to.rast - DOES NOT WORK ON A RS/6000?

Lee Thomas olo at ccwf.cc.utexas.edu
Thu Sep 3 15:20:09 EDT 1992

Well, I last night I downloaded EVERYTHING in the grass4.0.fixes
directory on moon.  I installed the files where the .message file
said to put them.  If you run v.support on any file that you created 
through v.digit, you get an out of memory error and the program bombs.
If you run v.to.rast, you get an empty raster file.  BTW: You can only
get v.to.rast to run without bombing if you haven't run the topology
part in v.support.  If you run v.support you get an out of memory error
and the program bombs.  

Another problem...How do you use v.digit anyway?  All I want to do is
digitize some (OK a bunch) polygons, save them as "Labled Areas" and then
rasterize them.  My polygons consist of a single line (many segments), and
when I try to close the ends using EDIT - "snap line to point" it will add
a line segment from an end node to the frame that borders the dig area.

Are all of these problems related to the fact that I have an RS/6000?  Has
anyone got This vector stuff working on the RS?

-Lee Thomas

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