GRASS FTP and GRASShopper administration addresses

Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at
Thu Sep 24 15:24:40 EDT 1992

With the move of OGI's GRASS FTP archive comes a slight change in the addresses
that GRASS users and programmers can use to contact the email list and ftp site

Comments, questions, etc. about the GRASShopper electronic mailing list should
be sent to the mailing list administrator, who can be contacted at the
following address:

     grass-lists-owner at

Comments, questions, etc. about the GRASS anonymous FTP archive should be sent
to the administrator of the FTP site at the following address:

     grass-ftp-admin at

All other addresses for the mailing lists will remain the same (grassu-list,
for instance.)  The above addresses _REPLACE_ the previously publicized
lists-owner at and ftp-admin at respectively.

If anyone has any comments, questions, problems, or suggestions, feel free to
email me at any of the addresses below.
                                                 brownfld at
Kenneth R. Brownfield                     grass-lists-owner at
Office of GRASS Integration,               grass-ftp-admin at
United States Army Corps of Engineers              (217) 352-6511 x572
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories     (217) 373-7222 <fax

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