r.median problem

Katarina Johnsson kjohnsso at alder.pfc.forestry.ca
Mon Sep 28 20:10:13 EDT 1992

I tried using the 'alpha program' r.median and got the following 
error message:
cat: /tmp/t: No such file or directory
ERROR: no rules specified
Another thing that would make the program easier to use, would be if the
same parameter names were used as in r.average.
THanks in advance for any bug fix!
- Katarina

Katarina Johnsson			e-mail: kjohnsso at alder.pfc.forestry.ca
Advanced Forest Technology Lab		phone:  (604) 363-6017
Pacific Forestry Centre			fax:    (604) 363-0775
Forestry Canada
Victoria, BC

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