GRASS ecological modeling environment

Ferdinando Villa villa at
Thu Apr 1 04:58:13 EST 1993

I am GREATLY innterested in such a project. I worked on similar topics,
mostly individual-oriented models in island biogeography. I have a fair
experience as a UNIX C/C++ programmer and I am a PhD in Ecology with
hands-on experience in stochastic simulation. The problem is that I do not
have time to spare and I do not know if and when my situation will change
(working hard, for free, at the Institute like most Italian PhD laureates).

Please send me, if you have any, more info. I do not know if I will be
of much help but I hope so. Sure, consider me as a beta tester and
ecological consultant. Your project could save me from taking a similar
approach for a system I was planning to build.....   I also have some
phD friends wo are probably willing to share your effort. I will forward
them your message and they probably will get in touch with you.

If this can be of interest to you, I have some experience on massive
parallel computing on a Connection Machine (model 2). We have one
installed at Parma.

Please keep in touch. I will send you some publications of mine on this
subject if you give me your preferred mail address.

Best wishes and regards, Ferdinando.

Ferdinando Villa, dr.

Institute of Ecology                     Direct phone: +39-521-905615
University of Parma                               FAX: +39-521-905665
Viale delle Scienze                      e.mail: villa at
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