Unscientific Survey

Doug Brooks brooks at cecer.army.mil
Thu Apr 1 17:39:41 EST 1993

During some discussions that I've been having lately, it seems that
an informal survey of hardware platforms would be nice to

This would just give an idea of the different types of platforms
that GRASS is running on by the readers of this grass forum.  
Please just send email directly to me (NOT to the grass lists) 
and I will compile and post the results.

All I want to know is what brand and model of computer that you
are using to run grass, and if it is a PC running UNIX, what
brand of OS is it?

Please take the short amount of time to complete this survey.  I
realize it will have a large margin of error but it will still be
very informative.  And remember, mail your response to:

brooks at cecer.army.mil and not to the grass lists.


Doug Brooks

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