Roger Chenevey rogche at ce.kth.se
Wed Apr 7 04:21:27 EDT 1993

Hello all,
I have run i.maxlik with an input signature file of 93 different classes.
These classes have been produced by adding 13 files generated by i.cluster.
The resulting map (resulting from i.maxlik) contains 92 classes, of which "0" is
 "no data" class. Consequently, I have lost 2 classes somewhere in the process.

Is there any way I could trace which classes have been dropped out?

This is quite important as the final map (land cover/land use) is an input map
in my hydrological model. Moreover, land cover is allowed to influence the soil
properties, particularly the hydraulic conductivity of the soil.

Any help will be greatly appreciated



roger chenevey

dept. of hydraulic engineering
royal institute of technology
stockholm sweden
fax #46 8 208946
e-mail rogche at ce.kth.se

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