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Wed Apr 28 10:00:13 EDT 1993


This was posted to the user's list today; has anybody out there written
a legend program that displays a continuous gradient?

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> Dear Grass Users,

> Has anybody written a shell script (Grass 4.0) that produces a
> more attractive and flexible legend than d.legend seems capable
> of?  

> For example, I have a d.e.m. that I am displaying as a
> continuously graded grey-scale image (from 0m to 150m as 70 to 220 grey
> intensity) and I would like, in a separate frame at the bottom or side,
> to display a continuously graded legend labeled with elevations 
> at, say, 25m intervals.

> Some sort of control over the portion of
> the colour table to display in the legend would be nice, and
> with 151 'separate categories' I don't want d.legend to label
> every one and put a little box around it. 

> This seems like a thing that most everybody must want.  Am I
> missing something obvious?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

> Peter Briggs (The Relatively New and Inexperienced)
> -- 
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> Macquarie University        phone: +61 2 805 8356
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>> I made a few minor changes in my version of d.legend to allow the user
>> to input a "thinning factor", so if thin=10 the categories shown in the
>> legend would be 0,10,20...  

>> I agree that it would be nice if there were an option to allow a smooth
>> gradient legend - I'll post your request to grass programmers list,
>> maybe somebody has written such a version.

>> Bill

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