Altek dig.table and HP Apollo

Katarina Johnsson katarina at
Thu Aug 5 10:14:54 EDT 1993

I need some help from a C-guru
In trying to set up our digitizing table to work with
Grass4.1 on HP Apollo stations, I run into problems with ioctl().
This function is defined different on Apollo's and SUN's.

SUN: 3rd argument may be an integer or a pointer to a device-specific
data structure.

Apollo: 3rd argument must be a pointer (declaration: char *argp)

In the functions in v.digit (e.g. start_ginput line 752 in graph_input.c)
ioctl() is called with an integer as 3rd argument. In the Altek/Diagnostics/
berk_altek.c test program ioctl() is called with FREAD as 3rd argument. FREAD is
defined as 00001 (is this an integer, a string or what??). 

Of course, I get segmentation fault when trying to run the programs. How can I
convert the existing 3rd arguments to pointers and still pass the correct information??



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