watershed program

Olga Waupotitsch olga at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Thu Aug 5 12:01:22 EDT 1993

mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu (Darrell McCauley) writes:

>Olga Waupotitsch (olga at zorro.cecer.army.mil) writes on 16 Jul 93:
>>try the following fix:
>>replace raster/r.watershed/ram/ramseg.h
>>by the following fixed ramseg.h:

>is this the only fix for r.watershed 4.1? I'm trying
>to wean users off of 4.0 and I think that this program
>is something that they use a lot.

Yes this is the only fix for r.watershed 4.1 since the 4.1 release.
But it's not the only difference between r.watershed4.1 and r.watersheed4.0

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