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This is the helpfile for the grassp-list; if this file does not answer your
questions, or you require a human response, send electronic mail to
grass-lists-owner at moon.cecer.army.mil .

For each command, you may either type the full command or just the first
three letters.  The server does not care about case (except for filename
arguments to the GET command, which must match exactly).  Valid server
commands are:

	SUBscribe [name] 
		subscribes current path to mailing list.
		optional [name] parameter specifies name to display in WHOs.
		if [name] is "-", WHO does not display address.
		unsubscribes the current path from the mailing list.
		if the path cannot be found in the mailing list, listman
		notifies the sender and the list-owner.    
	WHO [name]
		returns a sorted list of list subscribers, minus all users who
		subscribed with the - option.
		returns the mailing list's archive directory.  The log of
		recent submissions is in a file called LOG.  Other files may
		be available from time to time.
	GET file
		returns the file from the list's archive directory.
		the all parameter causes listman to return all the files.
		The filename must match exactly (spelling, case, punctuation).
		"pings" the mailing list, causing a simple "I'm alive"
		response to be returned.
		returns the list's help file from the archive directory.

To issue these commands to the server, place a command at the beginning of a
line in the body of an email message to grassp-request at moon.cecer.army.mil .

For file accesses, the server will mail a confirmation note detailing what to
expect.  If the file is reasonably short, it will simply send the file in a
mail message.  If the file is long, it will "uuencode" it and send it in
mail-sized chunks (the explanatory note will tell how many to expect).  Once
you receive the file, you must concatenate the pieces and uudecode it; ask for
the file "uuencode.help" for details on this process.

As an example, to receive the uuencode.help file using the GET command, send
the following line in the body of an email message to the grassp-request
address given above:

     GET uuencode.help

The Office of GRASS Integration
US Army Corps of Engineers, Construction Engineering Research Labs
P.O. Box 9005
Champaign, IL  61826-9005
grass-ftp-admin at moon.cecer.army.mil

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