Update Package 3

Russ Hougland hougland at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Wed Dec 1 18:14:51 EST 1993

                           *** GRASS 4.1 Update 3 ***

The third update package for GRASS 4.1 is now available via anonymous ftp from
moon.cecer.army.mil (IP Address:  Please note this update does
not contain the fixes from previous updates; update packages 1 and 2 must first
be applied to GRASS 4.1 before installing this update.

Fixes were made for the following GRASS and XGRASS programs.  A more detailed
description of the fixes is included within the update package, as well as in
the file grass/grass4.1/update_packages/UPDATES.3 on moon.cecer.army.mil.

    gis libes                         v.digit
    g.region                          v.patch
    g.setproj                         v.in.tig.lndmk
    d.mon (parsing termcap)           v.in.transects
    d.mon (locking)                   v.report
    i.tape.other                      v.trim
    i.tape.spot                       grass fonts
    paint drivers                     xdigit (missing files in updates 1,2 )
    p.map.new                         xgrass: opening shell
    r.buffer                          xgrass: xdispay toolbox
    r.combine                         xgrass: xclip
    s.surf.tps                        xgrass: xdisplay barscale
    v.apply.census                    xgrass: xdigit Gmakefile

The two files which you need to retrieve for this update are:


README.3 contains information about unpacking and installing the update package;
upd_pkg.3.cpio is the actual update package.

If you experience problems retrieving these files from moon.cecer.army.mil,
please send email to grass-ftp-admin at moon.cecer.army.mil.  Remember to transfer
the cpio archive using the binary mode of ftp.

If you have problems installing or using the update package, please send email
to grassbug at zorro.cecer.army.mil.

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