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Martin Ameskamp ma at
Thu Dec 2 03:16:01 EST 1993

> What are you going to do about the GRASS archive for us outer Internet
> (ie, non-MILNET) users when MILNET disallows "outside-in" connections, 
> ie, from what I understand, I (being on SURANET) will no longer be able
> to ftp moon.  If you are unaware of these upcoming changes, I would 
> suggest you inquire with your network manager.  I may too be mistaken
> on just what all is changing so correction would be most welcome.  I
> will not like to see ftp access to moon from non-MILNET sites!  :-(
> Mark

Hi there,

would someone care to elaborate on this? I have been able to connect to the 
moon without problems (apart from the old dir/ls one :-( ) for the last two
years - from Germany ( Is this going to change?
When? Why? Does anyone know anything about this at all?


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