More about GRASS on Linux

Neil Bowers neilb at
Sat Dec 4 15:06:01 EST 1993

Rick Thompson (rick at wrote:
: [summary deleted]
: Alastair Small strongly has recommended that you check out Linux with a 
: GRASS/Khoros combination. 
: Khoros is a sophisticated Image Proessing program has been ported to Linux.
: comp.soft-sys.khoros (newsgroup dedicated to Khoros)
: (ftp site for source code and more info on Khoros)

Our old ftp server, pprg, met an untimely death, and has been replaced
with []

Khoros lives in /pub/khoros, if you're browsing, the first place to look
is /pub/khoros/release, and before pulling any code back you should grab
(and read :-) install.ftp


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