Update to Update 3

Russ Hougland hougland at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Wed Dec 8 11:48:55 EST 1993

 Update Package 3 failed to re-compile g.version (src/general/g.version).  This
 causes the command to report the wrong version number.  Those who have already
 applied the update package need to re-compile this command.  To do so, go to
 src/general/g.version and remove the OBJ* directory.  Then run gmake4.1.

 The update package on moon.cecer.army.mil has been corrected to fix this prob-
 lem (as of 8 December, 10:07 CST).  Those who have not yet retrieved the update
 can ignore this message.

 Sorry for the slip-up.


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