xdigit, I'm debbugging currently

Andreas Holz holz at oi32.kwu.siemens.de
Tue Dec 21 04:46:30 EST 1993

> <	I downloaded GRASS4.1 source code from CERL ftp site a month ago
> <and compiled on USL UNIX SVR4.2. While compiling xdigit part, there are
> <no error msgs. But when I try to execute it (under  grass prompt, type
> <in xdigit) I get the following error msgs: 
> <       X Error of failed request: BadValue(integer parameter out of range 
> <                                            for operation)
> <        Major opcode of failed request: 53 (X_CreatePixmap)
> <        Value in failed request: 0x0
> <        Serial number of failed request: 413
> <        Current serial number in output stream: 415
> We have the same problem compiling under Sun OS 4.1.3
> on a Sparc 10.We have not found a solution as yet.
> What Motif libraries are you using?
> Please let us know if someone reports a solution.
>    Rod Paterson
>    EMail rgp at aberfoyle.oz.au


	I'm just compiling XGRASS4.1 on LINUX using Motif 1.2.2.

	Before I compiled XGRASS on SGI INDIGO and SPARC 10 without
	any problems. All XGRASS programs are running on this machines.

	On LINUX I have the same problems as You.

	Meanwhile I found the reason of the problem, but not the solution.


		there is a program called custommenu.c wich calls 
			cmenu = make_colors_menu (parent):

		If I change this line into a comment, XDIGIT comes
		up (but there are some functions missing).

		make_colors_menu is defined in xcolor.c. The
		critical positions in xcolor.c are:

			XtSetArg(wargs[n], XmNlabelPixMap,
				XmGetPixmap(XtScreen(parent), names[i],
				fg, bg));n++;

				-> XmGetPixmap does not find the pixmap defined
				   by names[i].

			XtSetArg(wargs[n], Xmbackground, dcolors[i]);n++;

				-> dcolors[i] causes here an error

		I'm currently not so familiar with programming in X, that
		I will solve the problem quick. I (We) need some help form
		experienced X programmers! 

	My current configuration:

	Kernel 99PL14
	Libs   4.4.4
	GCC    2.4.5

	compiling options
	-DXM_1_1_BC  -traditional ...
	    |		|------------> no ANSI C
	    |------------------------> backward compatibility to MOTIF 1.1

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