Conn Copas C.V.Copas at lut.ac.uk
Thu Feb 4 13:00:59 EST 1993

Marc asks about Xgrass
> I tried to run the setup script but it needed the location of the
> Motif include files (I have Linux 0.98pl13). Can I compile it without Motif ?
The script <configure/Setup> does a limited search for your libraries, but
may fail if these are in odd (ie, non Sun) places. Have a look in the script
and see which files it is trying to locate, then you should be able to supply a
full path spec to the script.

Beware that some other nasty errors await the unwary. I haven't seen any of
this discussed before, so here goes:

"To solve the infinite process spawning problem, edit <Makefile.SH> in both
<configure> and <xclip> to reflect the following:

if test -f Makefile
    mv -f Makefile Makefile.bak"

Also, it would be nice if the scripts would:

"Edit <configure/databases> to reflect the full path spec for Grass data."

and, by the way, there is no mention of having to run <bin/xguserdatabases>.

This section of code in <configure/Setup> also looks slightly strange to me:

base=`basename $grassbase`

if test "$base" != ''; then
    if test -d "$grasssrc/src/libes/LIB.$base"; then
        echo "You seem to have compiled GRASS for multiple architectures"

We _do_ have a suffix on our <grasssrc/src/libes/LIB>, but the script never
detects it.

I had to change the flags and the syntax for the <install> command in
<lib/Makefile.SH>, as this differs in the HP world. I also had to make a few
source changes, some in response to what look like more general errors:


Make sure your particular system is accommodated. I had to add

#ifdef SYSV


#ifdef _NO_PROTO

changed to

#ifdef _NO_PROTO
Display *display;


  err = XGetWindowProperty(display, XRootWindow(display,0), property,
        0, 8192, False, type, &actual_type, &actual_format, &nitems,
        &bytes_after, &prop);

(not sure about this last one; I'm no Motif guru)


Line 1033 defines the type XtCallbackList, but this is a known type within our 
Xt library. 

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